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Take puppetry to new heights with our majestic large bird puppets! These impressive creations feature vibrant colours and intricate designs, capturing the grace and beauty of winged creatures. Whether for educational presentations or performances, these large bird puppets spread their wings and charm anyone with their lifelike presence and expressive features.

Inspired by the beauty of these tropical creatures, this Bird of Paradise puppet showcases vibrant colours and plummage in an eye-catching fun-filled puppet. From the elegant plumes that can be shaped to the expressibe eyes, this Bird of Paradise Puppet is perfect for creative play and creating a touch of theatre. These birds look amazing whether used alone or in groups.

This Bird of Paradise glove puppet has a wonderful face, long pile and beautifully printed finishes along with a squawk and full working mouth!

Whether for educational presentations or performances, these have fantastic play value and are great for instigating "Tidy Up Time". Designed to fit children and adult hands, with access at base of puppet.

Encourages imaginative play, language development and creativity.

Suitable for children aged 18 months and above. Average Height: 74cm x Width:30cm x Length:28cm

Large Parrot Puppet

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