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45 cm RAPHAEL Arias Reborn doll. Realistic Reborn baby with vinyl limbs and a soft body. Dressed in white and mustard with a matching sleeping bag with a triangle pattern. Includes a sleeping bag, dummy, dummy clip, two nappies, family book and certificate of authenticity.

Raphael is always ready to go for a walk in his beautiful sleeping bag! This Reborn baby will go on thousands of adventures with your little one, who will always have a great time. When making this Reborn baby by hand, great attention is paid to each and every detail. He also has a sweet vanilla scent that you will love. His arms and legs are made of vinyl, a high-quality material that is very soft, making it possible to add highly realistic details, such as redness, veins and details on the nails. His soft body is stuffed with pellets to offer stability and weight. His mustard and white clothes and his sleeping bag are made from only high-quality fabrics. Includes a dummy, dummy clip, sleeping bag, two nappies, family book and certificate of authenticity

98120 Raphael Reborn Doll

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