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Surprise the little ones in the house with this new and ingenious Pipo Cleaning Set with Accessories from DeCuevas , with up to twelve different accessories so that the little ones can play at mopping, sweeping, cleaning windows and much more.

This complete set is everything the little ones need to play clean the house in a safe and fun way. A set made of lightweight and highly resistant plastic, with many details that give it a lot of realism and the ideal size for little hands.

40147 Cleaning Set with 12 Accessories Pipo Collection

  • Additional info

    + Recommended age: 3 or more years.

    + DeCuevas Collection: Pipo.

    + The pack includes: Gray and green cleaning set with hanging octopus on the top, mop, mop bucket, long brush, long dustpan, hand dustpan, glass cleaner, hand brush, cleaning pot and indicative sign the dangerous.

    + Approximate dimensions of the article: 100 cm high x 23 cm wide x 23 cm deep.

    + Approximate weight of the article: 1 kg.

    + Note: The extra accessories are not included in the pack, they are sold separately.

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